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School Of Global Impartation

School of Global Impartation is s subsidiary of School of Prophetic Impartation online edition


Online Only Edition

For those who are called into the prophetic, apostolic, and pastoral ministry and are desiring to walk in supernatural power, manifesting deep prophecy, operating in miracles, word of knowledge, and wisdom to bring deliverance, salvation, and direction to the body of Christ.


  1. Understanding the Nine Spirit of the Prophetic Ministry
  2. Understanding the Operations of Shepherd
  3. Understanding Spiritual Covenant for Ministry Success
  4. Understanding Prophetic Angels for Manifestations
  5. Understanding Prophetic Sight and Visions
  6. Understanding How to Operate in Miracles, Signs, and Wonders

Who Can Attend

  • Those who have prophetic and apostolic callings and gifts
  • Those who desire prophetic ministry Power
  • Those who want to understand the supernatural realms, signs, and symbols
  • Those who have been in ministry for at least 2 years
  • Those who desire to succeed in ministry


3 Months, Weekends Only. On Zoom/Google Meet/WhatsApp

Saturdays 3pm (GMT)

Registration/Tuition/Books Fees

$99. Only

After registration, an access code will be sent to you to begin the online classes.

(For incase you desire physical impartation, laying on of hands and ordination with license, you may be asked to sow a prophetic seed as the Lord will lead.)

Contact Us

Phone: +233244673732, +233244709155


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